Online Training / Nutrition program


1. Month-to-month Online Training and Nutrition program:

What’s included:

– Customized Nutrition Program

– Customized Supplement Program

– Customized Training Program :

  1. Weight training split based on your schedule, goals, available equipment etc.
  2. Cardio Schedule

– Personal Counseling :

  • Competition Makeup and hair
  • Tanning
  • Advice on proper suit based on your body type, hair color, skin tone
  • Feedback on posing photos/video (full posing session are separate and rate is $75 per 1 hour session)

– Guidance for the Peek week and day of show

– Post contest analysis (if you are competing)

– “Before” photos and then ongoing weekly progress photos

– Changes/modifications to your diet and training program as necessary

Ongoing physique assessments to target strengths and weaknesses- Weekly email consultations to ensure all questions are answered

How it Works:

Below is the info I would need to get you started, and then I’ll create a program for you (diet plus training, and the training is very specific: what to train, when, how many sets and reps), and then we update it every two weeks (or as necessary) to make sure you don’t plateau.

  1. Age, height, weight
  2. Goals (short term and long term)
  3. Times you wake up, train, work, sleep
  4. Type of training you’re doing now, and how often (you can include any specific exercises that you feel work well for you.. just so I don’t miss your faves!)
  5. How many times per week you would like to train and your ideal rest day(s)
  6. Current general diet
  7. Anything you can’t or won’t eat
  8. Your ideal meal breakdown (times and number of meals)
  9. Any supplements or medications you’re using
  10. Any injuries
  11. “Before” photos
  12. Have you competed before. If so, when?
  13. Your next planned show date?
  14. Anything else you feel relevant


1 month: $350
2 month program (paid in full): $675
3 month program (paid in full): $1000

1 year package (Paid in full): $3500


2. Nutritional Program Only

1. One single diet /nutritional program customized specifically for you (your current level of activities, condition, goals…etc).
Program will be adapted according to your daily schedule/routine.
This option includes ONE email consultation (usually week after you start following the plan). Purpose of this consultation is do to a little corrections if needed (number of the meals, portion size, eventually replacement of some meals…etc).
PRICE : $100/single nutritional program
2. Monthly Nutritional Program with online check ins every Monday via email.
Usually my clients send me the progress photos (front, side and back pose in swimsuit ) and body weight. Than we discuss about possible changes and adjustments on their plan according to the goals.
$350/2 month
$500/3 month


3. Training program only (custom workouts)
$400/2 month
$600/3 month
4. Posing Technique and Stage Presence/ 1h sessions
PRICE: $90/1h session (in Person or Skype)

***Payment is made through VENMO.
Once your payment is made the program will commence.
***Other payment options are possible as well in case that VENMO is not available in countries out or United States (Check, PayPal, Bank transfer. ..etc)