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Height/Weight: 5’1/110 in season/115 off season

Q. How long have you been training?
A. I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. I have been involved in sports since I was 3 year old . I started training for my first fitness competition August 2006

Q. What was your body like before you started training?
A. I’ve always been athletic. I was a gymnast from time I was three years old,until I was 12. I was also a successful track and field competitor (sprint discipline). I also was thoroughbred rider and had my own horses.

Q. How do you keep yourself motivated and on-track through the grueling dieting in the last few weeks?
A. I stay focus on my goals, actually I visualize my goal. I look at my competition pictures, and other competitors . That help me to stay motivated.My diet is clean all year round,and I don’t have to cut my calories or carbs ridiculously low,so my energy level is OK.

Q. Do you get more attention from the people now that you are in such good shape?
A. Yes, absolutely!

Q. What is the one key piece of advice you could pass on to our readers?
A. I always say :” Most important to somebody who wanted to start training is to have good a trainer, somebody with good education and own experiences in this field. This is the way to save time, health, money, and see results very soon and keep it for long time.”

Q. What is your favorite energy/pre-workout supplement? Protein supplement?
A. I like the Ultimate Nutrition protein,Iso Cool.My favorite supplements are BCAAs/Glutamine

Q. How many days a week do you work out?
A. Typically I train six days a week. I do cardio every morning and after weight training.

Q: How many exercises per body part do you typically do in a workout?
A: I usually 4 -5 exercises per body part,but depends from many factors…..

Q: How much weight will you normally gain during the off-season?
A: I’ve stayed within 5-6 lbs. of my contest weight.

Q. What kind of workout program do you follow?
A.I train six days a week, hitting different body parts.In off season I do less cardio. If I am preparing for fitness class, I do my routine several times a week.


Q. What competitions have you participated in and what were the results?

*2010 IFBB ARNOLD CLASSIC AMATEUR- Figure A- 2nd place
*2010 IFBB ,EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP – Bodyfitness(-158cm)-6th place
*2009 IFBB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP,Italy- Bodyfitness(-158cm)-5th place
*2009 NABBA USA EAST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP-Figure short- 1st and Overall
*2009 WFF UNIVERSE,Germany-Fitness- 3rd place
*2008 IFBB FIT PARADE,Hungary-Fitness- 3rd place
*2008 WFF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP,Germany-Fitness- 1st place
*2008 WFF WORLD CUP,Austria-Fitness- 2nd place
*2008 WFF UNIVERSE ,Germany-Fitness- 2nd place and Pairs- 1st place
*2007 IBFA MISS & MISTER UNIVERSE,Italy-1st place

Q. Looking back on what you have accomplished so far, what is one thing you would change if you could, knowing what you do now?
A. I wouldn’t really change anything.I am blessed because it all happened in this way.

Q. What is one of the biggest sacrifices you’ve made, and was it worth it?
A. All the sacrifices was big,but I can not complain ,because I got a lot from that.

Q. What do you feel is the most important thing a bodybuilder/fitness/figure/bikini can have in order to be successful in this sport?
A. Motivation,hard work, and a good support team.Vision!

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms.Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire,a dream,a vision….” Muhammad Ali

Q. Is it not very hard to exercise and lift on such a low calorie diet? I am talking about the pre-contest diet. I know you follow a very low calorie pre-contest diet. Don’t you get hungry?
A. If I had the energy during contest preparation, I would lift as heavy as I do off season. I already said that my diet is clean all year round,and I don’t have to cut my calories or carbs ridiculously low,so my energy level is OK.

Q. Does your social life include others that are not into fitness or competition?
A. Definitely!

Q. Who is your favorite bodybuilder, fitness model, and/or athlete?
A. I like the older generation of woman’s bodybuilders like for example Anja Langer.Also I think that Elena Shportun is awesome !

Q. What is your favorite healthy meal?
A. White eggs,vegetables,oatmeal….

Q. What is your favorite cheat meal?
A. Chocolate, gummy candies,Chinese food….

Q. What is your favorite exercise?
A. My favorite exercise is definitely dead lift.

Q. What is that one body part that you just can’t seem to bring up or make it look like you want?
A. My biceps

Q. What made you get into Fitness and Competition?
A. I would go with my friends to watch my first bodybuilding and fitness competition. When I saw fitness class and routines, in the moment I decided to compete. I think this is good things for me because I really miss the gymnastic training.

Q. What is the best asset of your physique/body?
A.Maybe abs…. or legs

Q. What are your methods for breaking through a plateau?
A. My husband is my trainer. He was also sports competitor and now he is a Master of sport sciences.He knows very well how to avoid a plateau,and teaches me how to do it.

Q. Do you like the whole competition process? And how does it feel to be on the stage in the front of the hundreds and thousand people?
A. I love to be on the stage and the whole competition process.On stage I feel free!I just do not like tanning before competition. I hate competition color

Q. What are your future plans?
A. Get a Pro Card…..I want to live near the sea or ocean,somewhere where is warm … I hate winter and cold

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